My Varcity Letter

Sep 03

Complex Mag's Top Clinton Portis Moments -

Clinton Gets His Rodman On

In honor of his B-day Complex put together Portis’ best moments dating back to college.

Great stuff here, although they missed my favorite Portis quote ever,…

"Portis pockets straight"

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Jun 14


USA Basketball Unveils New Uni's -

Unfortunately Nike refuses to take that dumb stencil shit off the back.

Jun 10


Jun 04

VA Podunk Town To Rename Itself After Baseball Jesus -

The Town of Strasburg, VA is offering to change its name to Stepehn Strasburg, VA if the pitcher agrees to make one visit there before the end of 2010. I’ve heard of being thirsty but there’s not enough Gatorade in the world for this beg. Baseball Jesus